The Incarnation: Paintings from Russia

There is Life Everywhere, Nikolia Yaroshenko (1888)
There is Life Everywhere, Nikolai Yaroshenko (1888). (A political prisoner and his family are being exiled to Siberia.)

I recently facilitated a Wednesday Without the Walls get together (at St. Paul’s and on Facebook) on Jesus: Fully Human, Fully Divine. Good Epiphany season topic, and with thanks to Rev. Rohr’s meditations. A few days later, one of the participants told me about an exhibit he had seen at the Vatican, “Pilgrimage of Russian Art: From Dionysius to Malevich.” He was struck by seeing Christ through a Russian lens. I dropped by today to have look. These are my favorites.

Quid Est Veritas? Nikolai Ge, 1890
Quid Est Veritas? Nikolai Ge (1890)
The Calvary (Golgotha) by Nikolai Ge, 1893
The Calvary, Nikolai Ge (1893)

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