During our missionary orientation, we are told that there is a natural point at about our third month, more or less, when we may find ourselves homesick. Curiously, this has not happened (yet). I love living in Europe and serving full time in a parish and in our refugee center, relish the joys and challenges of coming to know and serve a diverse congregation, and am energized by exploring with a wider ecumenical community the ways that God is at work here and how we can offer our particular charisms in God’s service.

I do very much miss family and friends. I was in a conversation the other day with one of my sisters in Christ back in Connecticut and it brought home how much I miss my church families at St. Paul’s Brookfield and Christ Church Bethany. And while I stay connected with my kids, brothers and parents, FaceTime only goes so far. That said, I am building family here too, and am grateful.


Then today, I came across a coffee cup like the ones I have at home. There’s nothing special about them – I think I picked them up at Good Will. (Oh, they are French 🙂 ) But the coffee cup triggered a bunch of memories about the stuff I’ve left behind. In a world where music, books, and pretty much anything else is online, it’s easy to forget that we can get attached to our baubles. It was just a little pang, but enough to let me know I am still attached to a small patch in Cheshire, Connecticut.



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