The Voice of Many Angels

IMG_3338These last days brought worship and celebration across many languages. Saturday morning was a wedding in Italian and English (the groom’s family was Italian, the bride’s Italian-Nigerian). It was great to hear a predominantly Italian language service in our church!

Saturday evening, a friend introduced me to the Eucharist experience of Sant’Egidio. Several hundred of us from around the world IMG_3344.jpegprayed in (if I counted correctly) six languages, with simulcast in even more. I have been feeling tugged to learn more about this Christian community united in commitment to prayer, the poor and peace, but God needed to give me a bit more of nudge. It was my first contact, and will not be my last – they are worldwide, including in the US.

Sunday was Africa Day at St. Paul’s. Our African Group parishioners worked for weeks to prepare excellent worship – in English, Spanish, Igbo and Kiswahili – and for many hours over the weekend to serve delicious food of East and West Africa.


Tuesday, the Anglican Center hosted a number of pilgrimage groups, including one from Christchurch, New Zealand, who shared a Maori hymn.

I have been so nourished by being evangelized by the voice of many angels (See Revelation 5:11-12.). As I begin to prepare for my return from this mission season, I find the words of a Sant’Egidio hymn to be particularly appropriate.


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