St. Paul’s Beyond the Walls

The Mission Church of the Resurrection, Orvieto, Umbria

Orvieto’s famous duomo

Last Saturday, ten parishioners explored the lovely, ancient town of Orvieto and learned more about St. Paul’s mission parish there, The Church of the Resurrection. The parish serves the needs of Orvieto and the surrounding community, ministering to local Episcopalians, tourists and all seeking a spiritual home in our Episcopal-Anglican tradition. Rev. Francisco Alberca, vicar of the mission, shared with us some of the work done by the parish, which includes helping immigrants and others in need, particularly those seeking employment, and visiting the sick. There is a children’s Bible study Saturdays at 4:00 PM, followed by the community’s Eucharist, usually in some combination of Italian and English – and of course, song.

Our rainy day visit started with coffee and a walk down and up the Well of St. Patrick, followed by a special mid-day Eucharist, almost entirely in Italian, as it was the common language for nearly all of us, an agape feast tasting our way through the delicious cuisine of Umbria, topped off with a visit to the beautiful Duomo (cathedral) and walk through the town bopping to the Spanish Christian songs on a parishioner’s iPad. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, please enjoy these.

The Church of the Resurrection
Rain did not dampen spirits!







The tasting menu included 65 year old balsamic vinegar
Molly, Virginia, and Anthony picking out tunes



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